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Playing Guitar

Feeling Burnt Out Trying to Teach the Guitar?

Finally, online guitar coaching that actually gets results! 

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The online Guitar Community that offers 

  • Quality Online Lessons

  • Structured Lesson Plans  

  • Tools to Actually Make Practice Quicker & Easier  

  • Midweek Check in's To Help You Stay on Track

  •  Discounts Across 1000's Of Guitars & Related Products

Acoustic Guitar

Tired of watching hours of random videos that lead nowhere?

This IS NOT a Generic Online Course ...This is an Online Teaching Community Made For You To Win on Guitar!

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"But I just Don'T Have Time to Practice Guitar

No more long practice sessions! Our students master songs with practice sessions of just 30 minutes using our tools and systems! Perfect for those with demanding school/work/family schedules  

Stressed Man

"I've tried to learn, it's just Too hard!

Yep...trying to teach yourself something you don't know is very hard. The main reason is that it's hard to know where to start and what route to take....we've laid out a roadmap for you. All you have to do is follow it.

"What if I Start To Struggle??"

Ask Your Teacher

Simply reach out during your weekly lesson. Our team are trained to help you every step of the way 

Message our Support

Speak to us midweek for free in our whatsapp group for support outside of lessons when you need it! 

Attend a Mastermind

We hold weekly online masterminds where students can ask questions  and get help in real time 

Hand Reaching Out

"But Playing hurts my Fingers

This is a common problem people face. There's no magic fix but just like a tough colar on a shirt, a pair of shoes or even a nagging little just kind of get used to it. THE GOOD NEWS is our program structures playing so you're playing less AND learning faster which will help with the discomfort!

"Wait...You only Do group Classes?!? I Really Need 1-2-1.."

Again, this is another common misconception. 'I learn better when the focus is on me'. If that was the case your entire school education would have been delivered on a 1-2-1 basis. We as humans learn best in communities. It's where ideas are shared and questions you didn't even know you had get asked and answered.

Virtual Team Meeting
Shy Portrait

"I Still don't feel confident, I'm very shy.."

We get it, nobody likes to feel uncomfortable and thats a totally rational place to be. In your regular lessons on zoom our teachers leads from the front of the virtual room. You're joining in whilst on mute (they can see if your struggling because the camera is on). If you want to ask a can, they'll unmute you but only if you want to step forward with a question.

"If I'm muted how can you tell if I'm progressing"

Using our practice tools you're logging your practice down and following our steps. With feedback tools we are constantly checking in with you in order to make sure that you're on track. The program is a combination of online tutorials, zoom lessons and practice tools. We've got you covered.

Playing Guitar

Check out This Free Video Lesson! 

"Excellent lesson format. Lots of great techniques and basic principles so i will always be able to use what i have learnt!"


Get started today & Play Your First Song in JUst 20 Minutes!! 

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for March 2024!!

"Inspiring lesson yesterday. Trying to learn the theory behind what i have been playing for years. Cristiano is an excellent teacher"



If you can't play whole songs, you need to re think things

The goal of EVERY player is the same...TO PLAY SONGS...Not bits of songs or random riffs 'if we're lucky.' Some more defensive players may say their goal is to 'just enjoy playing' but if we're honest, if we can't play music on our musical instrument then it's not an enjoyable experience!

'Ok....But Why Should I just trust you??'

In short, you shouldn't just blindly trust anyone...there are lots of cowboys online! 

If you sign up to an online course or book a local teacher you will usually get :

A Regular lesson

A teacher will either come to you, or you to them. You'll recieve a lesson and then you see them the following week...unless something comes up. If it's a course, you'll have a new video to watch...however you're busy and it's easy tp forget to watch it.

You Might Get a PDF or Two

Most courses/teachers will usually have PDF's and downloads they supply. You can download them and providing you's useful...if not...I guess you could email a help desk or wait until your next lesson. 

By joining our community you will get:

A Regular lesson

You can log onto your weekly lesson at the same time each week! Your classes are grouped in accordance to age and ability so you're always around players of youtr ability. If life happens and you can't attend you can just watch it back!  

Practice Plus+

The practice plus+ system is an essential tool we recommend anyone with a busy work/school/university/family life and doesn't have hours to spend slaving away on the guitar. Use this tool to make strides in your playing with just 30 minutes of regular pracitce. ( have 30 minutes spare in your day)

Attend the Masterminds 

These are regular sessions we hold to give EVEN MORE SUPPORT to our students! You can log on with your guitar or just sit and watch as we discuss various aspects of playing and take real time Q&A throughout the week.  

We'll Also supply PDF's

In addition  to the teaching we will also supply full pdf's to support the video's in our program and these are also to used in your lessons and referenced regulalrly. Yes...not a unique feature but this is standard after all.

Our Whatsapp Community

Questions will come's just part of it. However when they do you don't have to troll through google, just ask the community. Our teachers and students are there and you can get the all help you need just by picking up your phone! You can also share your wins, vent your frustration and share the journey here!

Access To our Song Library 

As well as the technical side of playing we get our students to LEARN SONGS FASTER..why? Because thats why we learn (many me). This is not a generic library, we have staggard so that you have songs organised in accordance of difficulty. This way you can be confident you'll learn the skils and the songs!

And as if that wasn't enough....

Discounts on thousands of instruments and accessories

As a special gift from us to you for just being a memnber of our community, you'll get access to exclusive discounts only available to our students just for being with us. It's our way to say thanks , enjoy!

Get started today & Play Your First Song in JUst 20 Minutes!! 

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Guitar Strings
The Self Taught Guitarists journey 


Step 1. The Guitar players sees, hears or experiences something that leads them to start learning the guitar 

The progress

Step 3. Many will learn a few basic chords, riffs or melodies and feel amazed by their progress!


Step 5. Due to the lack of the coaching, accountability and strucutre the progress stops. The player is left feeling demotivated and frustrated by their lack of results.

The Free Stuff

Step 2. They have purchased their guitar and jump online straight away to look at the best 'free guitar lessons' to learn the basics 


Step 4.After a while, due to no fault of their own the player experiences their first phase of stagnation. Progress becomes slow and practice is a chore. 

"I Quit"

Step 6. The player decides that 'this is not for me' or 'I'm not naturally talented' and stops playing. Life is too hectic to try and work all this out and they see guitar as an added stress.

These steps just repeat themselves if the player comes back a years later. They'll usually hire a teacher to help second time around. However, if they don't see the results the steps above remain the same.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results- Albert Einstein

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

If your fitness instructor never got you any'd quit... Obviously 

Yet this is exactly the case when beginners try and teach themselves the guitar. Thousands of people will search the web for random information, wonder why it doesn't work for them and then quit. Why? Because the results are simply not there.

The Harsh Reality Of Guitar Lessons

Most in-person tutors are working musicians. Their jobs span from playing local gigs, going to rehersals, recording sessions and even touring. Teaching guitar is the go-to for all musicians to fill in gaps in their schedules and supliment their income. That's not evil or wrong, we all need to earn a living... it's just the truth.

Girl Playing Guitar

"What about the free stuff?"

There are some great players online that have done wonders for the guitar community. Unfortunately though their content is created with two things in mind, watch time and video views...again... that's not wrong, it's just reality. What YOU need to know on YOUR journey doesn't alway factor into the equation. 

Your proress on the guitar should be your teachers primary focus...your attention & money are too valuable to be wasted.

Awesome - I have a group lesson with two other guys with Matt teaching us just the right balance of theory, drills and song playing. It's great fun and very motivating knowing I'm gonna turn up and jam on a Saturday.


"So How Does it Work?" 

Sign Up/Intro

You've signed up. Welcome aboard! Now it's go through our 4 week intro program.

The main program

You then move on to our main progrm where everyhting is laid for you.

 Weekly Zoom Lesson

Run through exercises designed around our program to take your learning further

Do the practice

Using our tools are structures complete your regular 30 mins practice using our toois and systems.

reach out on whatsapp

Share questions, wins or just check in with us and the wider community via whatsapp whenever

get extra help

Book into weekly masterminds to get extra help outside of your regularly scheduled lessons 

Get started today & Play Your First Song in JUst 20 Minutes!! 

Book a Trial Below

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