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Guitar Lessons For Adults & Teens

We meet many students from the St Albans area in their Teens and Adult ages. Everyone goals are different and here at Inspire Music School we know we can help you achieve your guitar goals!



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One of our passions as a school is helping Adults & Teens to learn the Guitar here in St Albans! Our Guitar lessons structure is designed in a way for maximum results helping YOU succeed and learn the songs you love!

"Awesome - I have a group lesson with two other guys with just the right balance of theory, drills and song playing. It's great fun and very motivating knowing I'm gonna turn up and jam on a Saturday."

Adult Guitar Lessons 

Adults who take up Guitar Lessons usually fall into two categories. The first is just wanting to experience something new! Many adults who learn the guitar feel led to take up lessons after weeks, months, years or even decades of always wanting to learn but never getting to it. The second category have usually played before but in many cases have stepped away from the Guitar for years and are trying to get back into the swing of playing. Which ever  you fall into our 4 Week Guitar Intro Course is the best place to start your guitar lesson Journey with Inspire Music School.

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two men playing guitar in st albans guitar lesson
adult practiing guitar after St alabans guitar lesson

"Inspire Music School has made learning to play the guitar at a more mature age a pleasure."

Teenagers Who Attend Guitar Lessons.

Teenagers who are looking at guitar lessons are usually looking to learn their favourite songs as well as a new hobby. We've helped students through exams, West End audition, school performances and GCSE course work relating to music in general as well as just the Guitar. We believe that through the Guitar, students can gain a passion for music and go on to achieve great things. By implementing good solid coaching skills into their Guitar Lesson structure we aim to maximise success and see our students thrive!

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"In a short period of time our daughter has begun to open out with more confidence due to her love of the guitar. We see her excited to go and talk about the lesson at end of the day. Keep up the great work."

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