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Guitar Lessons For Kids

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Kids in St Albans  

Guitar lessons for kids st albans  | Inspire music School

Why Should Your Kids Have Guitar Lessons?

Here at Inspire Music School in St Albans we provide guitar lessons for kids ages 5 and above. There are many benefits of learning any instrument but very specifically the guitar.  Here are a few a few reasons why your kids should take guitar lessons. 

  • Guitar is a commonly featured instrument in most popular media like TV and more recently streaming services such as Youtube. This builds a familiarity with kids of all ages and as a result they will associate the guitar with shows they like which will enhance enthusiasm.

  • Guitar is a very visual instrument and there for is easy than most classical instruments to understand at younger ages. 

  • Guitar can be heard more commonly on Radio and other places where music is played so kids develop a keener ear for guitar in their guitar lessons. 

The Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids (pt2)

From an Academic standpoint there are also huge benefits for why children  should take up guitar lessons. These include:

  • The ability to multi task and problem solve becomes even greater.

  • Concentration greatly improves.

  • Kids who take part in guitar lessons become better at problem solving type scenarios.

  • Guitar practice is a discipline in itself which means when it comes to homework, students are more apt at completing work to deadlines.

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