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Guitar Lessons For Ages 7-12

We provide children ages 7-12 years in the St Albans area with Guitar Lessons. Our mission is to see children learning the guitar which they can do through our carefully planned guitar Lessons structure which is exclusive to our St Albans students.

When it comes to learning the guitar, this age group seems to be the most common starters. We cater to them by teaching the core guitar principles on both Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitars including.

  • Chord Playing

  • Guitar Strumming Patterns

  • Lead Guitar Playing

  • Guitar riff and song playing & much more! 

7 year old st alabns studen playing guitar in a St Albans lesson

"Just thought I'd let you know my son got his report and got an A for music! He got the highest score and over the expected level of achievement so hats off to you! You've really helped him in this area through what you've taught him in your lessons so thank you"

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The benefits of learning the Guitar in this format is that students can get a well rounded insight into what the guitar can actually do and how it all works. In our Guitar lessons we encourage good practice habits as well as quality coaching to make sure thwy get the most out of learning the guitar.

The benefits of  learning the Guitar are endless and obviously the main benefit is being able to actually play the. In the case of young people, through learning Guitar they can also:

  • Develop higher brain performance

  • Experience a huge boost in confidence.

  • Learn the principle of how over time a skill 

  • Experience new opportunities such as performances

  • Gain points for College and University through academically accredited exams!

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