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Guitar Lessons In St Albans This Christmas!

Give Someone The Gift Of Music This Year With a Guitar Lesson Gift Card!

Guitar Lessons St Albans | Chirstmas Acoustc Guitar Student

Inspire Music School offer guitar lessons to the St Albans and Hertfordshire Area and this year we've got a stocking filler thats sure to be 'music to your ears!'. This year why not give the gift of Music with one of our 4 Week Intro Course Gift Card Vouchers?

The 4 Week Intro Guitar Course 

  • Is open to all Students ages 5-Adults 

  • Welcomes ALL abilities 

  • Gives students 1 private lesson a week lasting 30 minutes each for 4 weeks!

  • A full hardcopy of our Inspired Steps A Guitar Programme for free! (rrp £15)

  • A quality overview of the skills required to play THEIR favourite songs!

  • The option to enrol in our small guitar classes matched by age and ability  upon completion!

all For only £60!

Perfect For Anyone Who Wants to Start Playing The Guitar!

Guitar Lessons St Albans Christmas Vouch

Here at inspire Music School we are passionate about everyone having the best time learning the Guitar. Our Guitar lessons are open to all abilities. So if you or someone you know has played before and wants to start playing again, this is the perfect gift for them!

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'Lessons are always enjoyable and they're always ready to help you improve your playing style. Whether you like pop, rock, blues, jazz, metal you can learn it here'


'You truly have the knack in getting the best out of those kids and certainly we saw that in the first time we've ever seen our actually play the guitar properly and we were just wowed by the experience. It's something that she loves and it really is bringing the best out of her and I think I would say that Inspire Music School, have been able to do that."


'Inspire Music School stands out from other music schools because of the enthusiasm and providing a welcoming environment. By taking turns to choose the next song in our group, I can now play several of my favourite songs and I've been exposed to new music too. You're never too old to start learning to play guitar!'


Guitar Lesson Gift Card Holders


  • The Key Fundamentals of Playing Guitar 

  • How Regular Practice Can Really Impact Their Playing!

  • Amazing Tricks & Tips to Help Them Progress Faster!


Students also have full access to all of our lessons plans and course materials. Here at Inspire Music School we cater to all abilities for students ages 5+ and have helped hundreds fall in love with playing the guitar!

Chirstmas guitar lesson St Albans Inspir
guitar lessons _ Group _ Inspire Music S

What Makes Our Guitar Lessons Different?

1.Structured Guitar Lessons!

Our unique approach to lessons gives students structure and direction to the maze that is learning the guitar! We know that students have goals and aspirations when they take up learning guitar so it's our goal to get each student to where they want to be.  No matter if the student is five or an adult. Our carefully structured lessons plans balance the technique side of guitar and song playing!

2. Resources To Help Everyone Learn!

All of our students have full access to our 'Inspired Steps Guitar Programme'. This is our custom learning syllabus used in our classes and has helped hundreds go on to love learning the guitar! It covers everything from chords and scales to strumming the instrument and contains all of our lesson plans. This is even more of a benefit especially to parents who want assurance that their child is learning in a structured environment!

3. Quality Guitar Teaching 

Any student will ultimately learn more from a teacher who loves what they teach. Inspire Music School are passionate about bringing music to the St Albans and Hertfordshire community and have impacted many students with our love of the guitar through our guitar lessons!

4.Guitar Classes For Ages 5-Adults

Weather its a Child, Teen or Adult student our classes are perfect for anyone looking to learn. We've helped students who have never even touched a musical instrument let alone guitar, students looking to take up an instrument outside of school and adults looking to learn something new.  Our lessons are perfect for any ages from 5- Adults.

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