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Beginner Guitar Classes

Inspire Music School offer a '4 Week Intro Guitar Course' that's perfect for beginners!



The Insanely Easy Route to Mastering Guitar For Anyone!

Our Intro Courses are open to ages 5 right through to the adult years! We urge all students' to take part in a '4 Intro Course' prior to enrolling in our classes. These classes are once a week and each student receives four lessons and a full hard copy of all our literature and teaching material to get them started!  The benefit of the course is it gives each student an opportunity to get to grips with the essential skills of  Guitar,  our lesson structure, practice ethos and also build a relationship with their teacher. This means that when it is time for the student to join a class as continuation after the intro, they'll be able to integrate easily into a class of equivalent age and ability and its overall a more comfortable transition. No Guitar? No Problem! Students can purchase Guitars along with their 4 Week Intro's Courses! 

Here at Inspire Music School we say 'Start with the end in mind' when it comes to our attitude towards Guitar lessons. Here at our St Albans studio we have seen many students and we realise the importance of getting the best start. The best start leads to the best results in terms of progress because we're setting all the right behaviours with practice and technique in place from the beginning. It would be unfair on a student to just enter a Guitar class and then as if by magic, learn everything they needed without any intense coaching. By us providing 1-on-1 guitar lessons we are able to ensure that each student from ages 5 right through to our adult students start on the same page, are fully versed in the core skills of guitar and understand the importance of practice!


Getting The Best Start With Guitar Lessons

Guitar Essentials 

Student learning guitar in St Albas Guitar lesson

Our Guitar Lessons are aimed to get students playing their favourite songs. In order to do this we have broken down all the key elements of playing the Guitar and give each one its deserved attention.

These Include:

  • Using a plectrum and picking the strings correctly.

  • What chords are, how they work when we play the Guitar

  • Strumming the Guitar and keeping time when playing our songs.

  • Lead Guitar skills techniques and much more!​

Person playing an acoustic guitar in a st alabsn guitar lessons

'But I'm Not Totally New To The Guitar..'

Some students that we have that come for lessons have in fact played before. This could be lessons at school or in the case of many of our adults, they played for a few years in their teens but haven't touched the guitar for years! 

As all of our students who regularly attend Guitar classes at our school are grouped according to age and ability it is important to make sure that you are in the right environment to learn. If you've played before then believe it or not you may not be what we would class as a total beginner despite what the you might think! with this in mind the 4 Week Intro serves a totally different purpose.

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Adult Guitar Lesson | St Albans | Inspire Music School

In this scenario the student benefits by us:

  • Getting an idea of their existing skill set.

  • ironing out any bad Guitar technique habits 

  • See what stopped the student playing before and take steps to make sure the student remains motivated  

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