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Guitar Lesson Testimonials

Here's What Others Have Said About Our Guitar Lessons!

"Creatively and imaginatively run lessons engage the children and incentivise them to learn"


"Matt has been teaching my son for 18 months now. He's now 6 1/2 and absolutely flying - engrossed in everything guitar and music! He's played 4 gigs already. We've found Matt to be a fantastic teacher, great with kids, engaging and as the school name suggests inspiring! We often have the "but Matt says I have to do it like this" conversation. I've been playing music for years and I know a good teacher when I see one. We've already got a few of my son's friends started and I will continue to highly recommend Inspire Music School to anyone who's interested. 10 out of 10!"


"Matt is really cool and I love playing my guitar with him! My lessons are always fun!"


"My 8 year old son has been working with Matt for over a year. The teaching is such that he can relate to him and enjoy a professional but relaxed approach to learning the guitar which includes mixing scales and theory with current rock and pop songs. I am impressed with Matt's ability to remain patient, explain musical concepts and their rationale for a better understanding and smile regardless!"


"The lessons are great fun and help to keep me focused on learning the
basics. It's true that you're never too old to learn."


"My 10 year old has been learning guitar with Matt for 18 months. Matt has unlocked a musical talent in my son that I did not know existed. In so doing, his confidence has grown tremendously. Matt has also taught my 8 year old for nearly 1 year. My son has developed a deep interest in music of all genres. It has also helped with his concentration.Matt is a music inspiration as well as an inspiring teacher."


"You truly have the knack in getting the best out of those kids and certainly we saw that in the first time we've ever seen our actually play the guitar properly and we were just wowed by the experience. It's something that she loves and it really is bringing the best out of her and I think I would say that Inspire Music School and you Matt, have been able to do that."


 "I just wanted to thank you for all the patience and encouragement you have when teaching our son. I think his guitar is so good for him, and I can see that when he plays he really loves it. So thanks for giving him that and seeing the best in him as we do, it’s really appreciated."


"Just thought I'd let you know my son got his report and got an A for music! He got the highest score and over the expected level of achievement so hats off to you!. You've really helped him in this area through what you've taught him in your lessons so thank you."


Inspire Music School guitar lesson logo for St Albans

Our Guitar Lessons:

  • Provide Structure 

  • Focus on YOUR goals whilst showing you the important key skills 

  • Equip you to work independently 

  • Give you a solid foundation in music in general NOT JUST THE GUITAR!!

Our Guitar Intro Course:

  • ​Is available to all abilities!

  • For students ages 5- Adults!

  • Is held at our purpose built studio!

  • Gives you 4 private guitar lessons to get you started!

  • Provides you with all your lesson plans!

  • Is only £60!

Our Students:

  • Have completed academically accredited exams.

  • Have been recognised by West End talent scouts and producers.

  • Have taken part in many performances in various locations.

  •  Have gone on to form their own bands and record their own compositions.

  • Consistently receive the highest grades in their school studies for music at primary, early secondary, GCSE and A Level standard.

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