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Acoustic Guitar Lessons In St Albans

Learning the Acoustic Guitar With Us 

Our carefully designed class lessons structure is perfect for those who are looking to learn the acoustic guitar. Many of our St Albans students play these types of guitars and is often the common choice for those wishing to start learning.

Myth 1: Acoustic Guitar Is Where All Students Start Out....Then They Go Electric

This isn't strictly true. Many students start out on the acoustic but not all, there is no set rule that everyone wanting to learn starts here with the vision of learning electric. Many acts such as Ed Sheeran play the acoustic guitar and therfore many students will take this instrument with the view of just having the acoustic guitar to play. So in many cases it is just down to the students musical tastes which determines if they start on Acoustic or Electric Guitars

Myth 2 : Acoustic Guitar Is Harder To Play Than Electric, Students Start Here To See If They've Got What It Takes!

This also isn't true. The acoustic structurally is quite different from the electric which in many cases is quite obvious! However a cheap battered Electric Guitar can be just as hard to play, if not harder.

Myth 3 : Acoustic Guitar Is Cheaper.

Again.....this isn't entirely true. The Acoustic Guitar is a very simple instrument, however with this in mind we need to remember that Guitars are not solely priced off of the complexity of instrument or what features it offers as we expect with things like computers. Acoustic Guitars are more than likely to be priced based on what wood it is made from (the rarer the wood the more expensive the guitar), where in the world it is made and weather it is hand made. 

St Albans Student playing acoustic guiar
st labns guitar lesson man playing acoustic guitar

Benefits of Learning On An Acoustic Guitar

  • The instrument is a simple design 

  • Available in sizes suitable for children 

  • Very light and portable 

  • Some can be plugged into amps for a more diverse sound.

  • Nylon and steel strings can be used offering a variation in sound 

  • A decent quality guitar is usually readily available from a variety of sources like second hand shops/ online and most music specific shops.

  •  Very affordable with lots of models starting under £100!

Child small child lesson on acoustic guitar | guitar lessons st Albans

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