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Electric Guitar Lessons in St Albans 

Learning the Electric Guitar With Us!

To say that the Electric Guitar has had an impact of the world of music over the last century or so would be an understatement! Guitar greats such as:

  • Brian May of 'Queen'

  • Eric Clapton of 'Cream'

  • Slash of 'Guns N Roses' 


Are but a few of the hundreds of huge names that have gone of to forge this instruments iconic image! Our lessons are designed to get you playing the iconinc electric guitar songs you've always wanted.

Which Electric Guitar Should I Choose? 

Knowing where to start when buying an electric guitar can be tough, there is a whole library of different models out there. Price range wise they can be very diverse also! Below are a few examples of some of the most common electric guitars you will see on the market.

electric guitar featured in our guitar lessns st albans

The 'Les Paul' Style Electric Guitar 

  • Made famous by Jimmy Page and 'Slash' from Guns n Roses to name a few

  • Originally designed By Gibson Guitars 

  • Most commonly hand made in the USA however cheaper brands mass produce in Asia

  • Known for its diverse sound range and reliability (brand depending)

  • Price range £150- £1000+ depending on brand of guitar (contact us for more information regarding prices of les paul style electric guitars!  )

  • Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes 

fender guitar from electric guiar lessons st albans

The Stratocaster Style Electric Guitar 

  • Made famous by artists such as  Eric Clapton & Jimmi Hendrix

  • Originally manufactured by the brand 'Fender' 

  • Available in a variety of finishes

  • Many other brands have their versions of this guitar with slight differences.

  • Manufactured in the USA, Asia and Mexico

  • Known for its reliability and playability 

  • Price range from £100-£1000+ depending on manufacturer  

No1 Tip When Shopping For Electric Guitar : Try Before You Buy

When people are out looking for what is for many their first Electric Guitar it is very easy to just browse the shops or the internet and just pick a guitar based on looks or price. The choice of Guitar is much more than that however. REMEMBER! learning the Guitar is a hobby that a student is undertaking and here in St Albans many of our students go for years on their guitar lessons. With that in mind its important to get the correct Guitar for you. So think about how it feels when you hold it as well as things like 

  • Is it too heavy?

  • Is the size suitable for me/ my Son or Daughter?

  • What is the reputation of the manufacturer?

  • Is the shape of the guitar the right shape? (is it comfortable to play)

  • How much is it and will i be likely to need to replace it a year or so down the line?

All these are important things to think about to avoid disappointment. For more information about Electric Guitar Lessons in the St Albans area, contact us today and we can point you in the right direction for where to buy etc.

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