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Our St Albans Guitar Classes

The Guitar Lessons 

We follow our 'Inspired Steps Guitar Programme' in our Guitar lessons.  This has proved to be the most advantageous approach to learning the guitar so far. With it,  we are able to coach students from the very beginning of their guitar journey and achieving their goals along the way. Students that have some experience will be given the tools to break through their plateau's and bring their Guitar  playing to the next level. The syllabus is broken down into simple bite sized segments, ensuring a structured and focused learning environment at all times. We aim to bring clarity to what can seem like a somewhat confusing and frustrating process. Guitar classes are kept small and are capped at 5 students per session to ensure that a structured lesson environment is always present.

We provide easy to follow diagrams and exercises in our lesson plans. This ensures that the important elements of learning the guitar such as chords and scales along with our songs are covered with the correct level of detail.

Guitar Lesson Information in St Albans At Inspire Music School

Having the tools is only half the battle when it comes to learning the guitar. The other half is the coaching to help you succeed. We lay out realistic expectations for our students for what they can expect from learning the guitar whilst giving the assurance that we're their to help them.

Tips for success at inspire music school in St Albans

Our passion is displayed in the details so we always strive to make sure our text is as clear and easy to follow leading to a more structured guitar pracitce.

Tab Guitar Lesson at InspireMusic School in St Albans

We cover all the important skills required to play the guitar in our guitar lessons. No stone is left unturned and we equip each of our students with the essential skills required to play any of their favourite songs

Chord guitar lesson at inspire music school St Albans

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