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Online Guitar Lessons At Inspire Music School

Inspire Music School are excited to now offer online guitar lessons to students in the St Albans and the surrounding areas!

 Inspire Music School are excited to announce that we are opening for online Guitar classes to offer EVEN MORE access to lessons and flexibility in learning. Just because schools are closed doesn't mean that kids and adults cant have an awesome music experience!

We're making this possible through the quality conferencing platform app, 'Zoom' 

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The benefits of lessons in this format Include: 

  1. The ability to record sessions and review them in your own free time.

  2. The ability to screen share with you on things like music sheets and software plugins which isn't actually possible in your regular lessons with just a whiteboard. We can also send any required videos or pdfs then and there

  3. The reassurance that you wont miss out on any info in your classes, if your wifi is disrupted, you phone or tablet dies, you/your child has to leave for whatever reason or any other potential disruptions, I can send you the lesson video to be reviewed at any time. 

  4. A far more stable platform than skype, facetime or any other video conferencing platforms meaning you have more stability in the service we're providing. 

Contact Us To a Free Online Taster Guitar Lesson Below 

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