"I Give Up!"

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

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Frustrated guitarist

Giving up is a thought that all guitarists have from time to time. Guitar has its mountains and valley’s in terms of enjoyment that’s for sure. It’s particularly common in the early days of playing the guitar and its definitely something that needs to be addressed. Any teacher that tries to tell you that you won’t want to quit guitar at times is taking you for a fool unfortunately. I think we need to be clear about this, ALL guitarists including myself have wanted to throw the towel in at times. This could be for a number of reasons but it’s mainly just the fact that guitar can be tough at times. We might struggle with a song, have received a negative feedback from a friend or even a teacher or we may have just convinced us that we just have time for practice. Whatever the reason, one this is for sure, we will all feel pretty bleak about guitar at times. So how do get through it all and keep going?

1.     Speak to Your Teacher

Most people when they want to quit just keep it to themselves, it becomes their little secret. This could be the worse thing to do. By speaking to the teacher it gives ground for an honest conversation. Be real and tell your teacher what’s actually bothering you about playing the guitar and what’s making you consider quitting. Whatever the reason, your teacher will have encountered the same if not similar circumstances so they’ll be the best person to advise you on the best way through the obstacle in relation to our enjoyment when practicing. If you don’t have a teacher, I would seriously consider getting one. A decent teacher is so valuable to our success on the guitar. They’re our coaches, our mentors and in many ways our biggest source of inspiration. They share in your successes but they’ll also there to give you the encouragement in the harder times with practice and playing.

2.     Relax