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Guitar Lesson FAQ's

See below for our frequently asked questions.

Q.How long are your Guitar lessons?
A.Our standard Lessons are 30 minutes each

Q.Do you teach any other instruments outside of Guitar?
A.At this stage we only teach guitar but we are planning to open out facility up to more instruments in the future.

Q.Do you Guitar teach one on one?
A. As a school we teach guitar classes of up to 5 students. However during a 4 Week Intro our classes are all 1-to-1.

Q.At what age do you start taking Guitar students?
A. We take students on from age 5

Q.Do I need a Guitar?
A. Yes, each student will need their own instrument, this is so they can practice at home properly.

Q.Where are the Guitar lessons held?
A. Lessons are held out our private studio. The address is 23, Collyer Road, London Colney AL2 1PD

Q.When are the Guitar classes after Intro?
A. Classes are held throughout our week at various times. As our schedule can change at times, we will provide you with the availability during your Intro.

Q.My Son/Daughter is quite shy, will a Guitar class be the right option for them?
A. Yes, music is a fantastic way to bring about more confidence, greater social skills as well as a new skill overall. By enrolling in an Intro your child will be versed in the lesson plans already and all the material as well as have an existing relationship with their teacher. This makes for a more comfortable transition from 1-to-1 to the class environment. 

Q. Sounds great! How much?
A. The Guitar Intro Lesson package costs £60. We give you 4 private classes plus a full hard copy of all our lessons plans and materials when you enrol in this. Classes after the Intro cost £59 and are paid monthly.

Q. Ok, How do the payments work each month for Guitar classes?
A. Our payments are collected each month via our online subscription. They are taken on the anniversary date of when you enrolled (observing public holidays and Sundays etc). 

Q. Do you offer an option for cash/cheque payments or a 'Pay As You Go' plan for Guitar classes?
A. No, all our payments are collected via our online subscription, We cannot accept cash or cheques. We also do not offer 'Pay As You Go'.

Q.Is this a contract?
A. No, students can leave at any time providing they give two weeks notice. We allow students complete control over their payments and these can be stopped via their normal banking procedures.

Q.What if I cant make a Guitar class after I'm enrolled due to sickness etc?
A.That's fine, you can request a catch up lesson, these are subject to availability. Please note the school cannot promise that requested time slots always be available. See our policies for more info.

Q.Do you shut for half terms and School/Public Holidays?
A. We are open throughout half terms and the majority of Bank Holidays. We close for two weeks at Christmas and in the Summer (usually in line with public school summer breaks). We also close for the Easter Weekend. Full details of our closure procedures can be found here. 

Q. The time I want to book is taken, what should I do? 
A. It may only be booked for a few weeks and may soon be able. You should contact us to find out if the slot can be booked in the near future!

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