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Guitar Lessons Ages 5-6

youn student having a guitar lesson on electric guitar
young child plying guitar in assisted lesson | Guitar lesson is in St Albans



The Lessons

We provide Guitar lessons to the St Albans and Herts area for students aged 5-6 yrs.

Many would consider this age group to be to young to learn the guitar or have guitar lessons. At Inspire Music school we believe that everyone should have the option to learn.

We've given many children in the St Albans area a head start in music education through our very carefully planned guitar lesson format.

Our Guitar Lessons for this age group.

  • Introduce the various parts of the guitar.

  • Show the student simple things like string and chord names.

  • Develop a sense of rhythm so they are able to strum songs.

  • Introduce them to the concept of practice and help set the routine in place.


Young girl studen taking Guitar lesson in St albans

"My Daughtert has come along way with matts guidance and support, she loves going for her guitar lessons and always looks forward to the next one."

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This is a common statement we hear from many other guitar teachers who provide lessons. We are a firm believer that everyone can lear the guitar and participate in guitar lessons.

The secret is to manage the expectations. If a child is still learning to read and write then of course they aren't going to be playing lengthy guitar solo's. However this doesn't mean that is the case for all students. Those that regularly practice soon start to learn at a pace that suites them rather than not at all. There in lies the secret for guitar lesson success, practice! 

Children who attend out St Albans Guitar Lessons and go home and practice always get results, the difference between them and a slightly older student is the result they get is slightly smaller. This is to be expected as young children learn small chunks of information at school, but just like school overtime their knowledge builds and builds.

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